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Best Riding Jackets India – Top Biker Jackets at Best Price

In my travel spanning of 18 states across India over the past three years, I have found that for having the best comfort while traveling, you need best gears, especially while riding a bike. And the Jackets are one of the essential gears for the bikers. I am sure that the MOTOTECH Scrambler Air Jacket will be the best choice for the pro biker jackets in India. It is lightweight, easy to maintain, and ideal for any weather condition. It has almost all the features to be the best riding jackets for the bikers in India.

Best Riding Jackets India

1. MOTOTECH Scrambler AIR Motorcycle Jacket – The best biker jacket

MOTOTECH Scrambler AIR Motorcycle Jacket

This famous, affordable jacket is more natural to wear on/off, store, maintain, and is all weather-friendly than any other coat I tested.

I ride in all kinds of weather and often push the extreme limits in rough terrains. So, I was in search of an outfit that can adapt to the different climate conditions and provide me warmth and comfort always. I tried a couple of other jackets and then bought this riding jacket from MOTOTECH. I had not changed it for two years now as I’m pretty happy with it. This jacket is available in different sizes, so you can pick up your perfect fit (no worry if you get a larger or smaller size than expected as the company’s customer care is easy to reach and you can get the replacement without any hassle). This jacket has two detachable liners including a tape-seamed rain liner and a warm thermal liner. Its armors are as per the CE standards. It has the reflective branding on both the front and back side which will make it attractive as well as visible in the dark environments. It comes with so many intuitive features and yet available in a budget price for an Indian bike rider. That is the most valuable selling point of this outfit. Whether you want a jacket for daily commute on bike or long distance road trips like Leh & Ladakh, this upper body garment by MOTOTECH is the best option to wear.


2. NOORA Slim Fit Jacket – The best leather jacket

NOORA Slim Fit Jacket

Made from 100% pure leather, this biker jacket from NOORA will surely boost the cool factor of you with its slim-fitting design.  

NOORA International is a favorite brand not only in India but in many countries since its launch in 2014. The company provides leather jackets for men & women, formal shirts, ladies suits, T-shirts, undergarments, embroidery fabric, and many other types of garments for both men and women. Due to the utilized modern techniques and machines and the use of high-quality material, the NOORA jackets are famous among the daily commuters as well as rally & adventurous riders. The eye-catching designs of the leather jacket will offer you a distinctive style of wearables. This slim fit jacket is available in different sizes to allow you to choose the perfect fitting as per your body measurements.   


3. Rynox Mesh Jacket – The best mesh riding jacket

Rynox Exclusive Air GT V2.0 L2 Jacket

All-season jacket from Rynox manufactured with a warm insulating material for perfect comfort.

If you have any plans to go on a road trip across the country, then you first need the essential gears for it, and this meshmade jacket from Rynox will not disappoint you at any stage. From the intense heat of the Rajasthan desserts to the chilling environment of the Himalayas, this Rynox jacket will provide overall comfort. I recommend this jacket for long drive bikers as it will give a smooth run in not only the extreme outside environment but also tackle the situations like sudden and unpredictable encounters on the road trip. With the considerations of the various characteristics of this jacket, I can say that you will be satisfied with its quality and performance both.


Why should you trust us?

Since the last three years, I have been traveling in different states of India in different weather conditions. I had a tough, bone-chilling, and yet pleasant trip of Kashmir and Leh Ladakh. Also, I explored the world’s wettest place Cherrapunji in Meghalaya. Add the hot dessert journey to Jaisalmer, the ‘Golden City’ in Rajasthan. I tested different jackets on my multiple road trips to these Indian regions and then picked the best three riding outfit gears for the bikers like me.

Besides, I have interviewed some of the top bike riders of India who spent most of the time on their motorcycles for exploring the vast Indian culture. I also collected the opinions and reviews of the users who have bought these jackets from online stores. I talked to the experts who have provided useful guides on the road trips in India and what you should keep with you during those days. I have examined the full range of brands, forum discussions on performance and values, as well as owner satisfaction.

How to choose the perfect riding jacket?

Your jacket becomes the part of your bike riding gears and eventually becomes a part of you too. So, it is vital to choose the right outfit as per the riding conditions and your personal preferences.

perfect riding jacket


The type of jacket is essential depending on how you ride. The off-road jackets are perfect for the adventurous rides on rough terrains. If you get a leather jacket, then it will give you a classic look, and if you purchase a mesh jacket, then its lightweight design will not let you feel that you have an extra garment on your upper body.


Along with the look, the protection is one of the essential factors of a wearing gear, especially for a rider’s jacket. So, the best jacket for motorcyclists should have proper padding on the shoulders, upper back, and around the elbows. If the coat is of the best quality, then its padding will work as body armor in case of road accidents.


If you usually ride in a high-temperature region, then you should get a jacket with a proper air flow system. It will help to get adequate ventilation through the outfit for making you stay cooler. The mesh panel jackets have lighter material compared to the full leather jackets so that they can provide a comparatively better air flow system.


Size is the factor for the look, comfort, and protection.

  • The top-quality riding jacket will be a little tighter compared to the routine jackets.
  • It will provide protection when you slide or skid off your bike.
  • The fitting should be tight enough and also should offer you room for the movements of your arms and shoulders.

So, take a good look for the fittings.

Location & number of pockets

Not only the number of pockets but also their locations are also significant. Sometimes, the things you carry in the pockets of your pants may get in your way when you are riding. So, if the jacket has two or more pockets, then you will get more rooms for storing your stuff like keys, wallets, mobile, etc. Also, the location of them should be at your convenient place and should not pick you as you ride.


The construction of the jacket is also essential in terms of protection and durability. It should not break or split when you wipe out on your bike. The elbows, shoulders, and back of the jacket should be impact resistant because these are the parts that get maximum impact when you tumble over.


The lining is also a useful feature of a motorcycle jacket. Many modern coats come with the removable lining which you can take out and put back in anytime. This feature helps you to have a comfortable ride in the hot and cold weather conditions.


The top branded jackets contain multiple reflective areas on the rear, front, and sides. Such areas or patches catch the car headlights passing by and helps the drivers to see the biker clearly. In this manner, it helps to add extra protection to you when you are riding the bike.


You may think about how color is essential in buying a riding jacket? Well, it is a matter of interest as well as protection too.

Tip: If you choose a color that blends smoothly into the surroundings, then there are more chances that the other drives can’t see you, especially in the dark conditions. So, it is advisable to choose the brighter or darker colors of the jacket, which not only will prevent accidents due to invisibility but also give a better look to the rider.

Our pick: MOTOTECH Scrambler Motorcycle Jacket

After examining more than 20 riding jackets available online and comparing 10 of them side by side on different road trips, we concluded that the MOTOTECH Scrambler Air Jacket is the best bike riding jacket in India.

Mototech launched this Scrambler Air jacket back in 2017, and since then, it became insanely popular, especially amongst the motorcycle riders in India. As I love black, I choose that color while buying this jacket. It offers other color variants too like Orange, Flo Green, Grey, Red, Blue, and Neon Green. When I bought this jacket in December 2017, it priced around a little over 6000 INR which certainly didn’t break my pocket. And I think, today also, the price is not changed much. But, what the jacket offers, is a real payback for the money you are spending on it. This all-season riding jacket is a boon for the country riders who spend most of the time on bike journeys from the Himalayan mountain ranges to the great coasts of Tamil Nadu and from the Great White Desert of Kutch to the stunning Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh.

In over a year of use, I wear it on daily commutes as well as a couple of long journeys. I also took it along with me on my first visit to the breezy Canada tour a few weeks before. I am thankful for this product as it provides me the needed comfort and warmth with the help of the tape-seamed rain liner and a thermal liner which I can quickly attach or detach. Due to the coating, you will get an extra layer of the garment which makes it more smooth, comfortable and protective. It not only serves as a heat resistant or rain resistant but also absorbs the sweat that you migrate during a ride in hot weather conditions. It expands the lifespan of the jacket by reducing the tugging on the primary material. Such a lining also makes the price of the coat reasonable as a lining jacket requires less finishing on the interior part than the unlined jacket.

It comes with CE certified Level 1 shoulder and Elbow armors which protect the body parts in different situations. You can even upgrade the shield of the foam pad, elbows, and shoulders to the Level 2 individually. In other words, you can separately purchase the armor. The reflective branding on the back and front of the jacket makes it visible in dark conditions which lets other riders and other vehicle drivers to notice from a safe distance to avoid a sudden collision.

This outfit is ideal for all the seasons and long-distance touring. There are internal pockets on the rain jacket as well as on each liner. All these pockets are placed for your convenience and to put your stuff like mobiles, tablets, small diaries & pens to write your tour experiences, and other small items. The collar is made with the microfiber material which will provide superior comfort to your neck area. All the internal panels are color-coded and zippered.

Moreover, you are eligible for a two-year warranty assurance from the Mototech company. You will get the replacement of the jacket for the damaged fabric, non-functioning zippers, buttons as well as finishing or stitching issues. But, make sure that you don’t use the garment for any of these complaints.

Flaws but not the dealbreakers

I advise you to pick up one size larger than your regular size. I too opted for XXL size than my regular XL. This thing I had to do because the sizing is a little bit tighter than the company suggests on the website. I am thanking the Mototech team to provide the exchange promptly and without any inconvenience. After six months of the daily use of the jacket, the pull tab on the main zip was lost and also the zip was undone a few times. As I said, I bought the first edition of this Scrambler Air jacket. That garment did not have a proper pocket with a zip to keep my mobile phone, and the pocket near the abdominal area had a Velcro strip which I am not a big of using because of its uncertainty. Thankfully, more pockets have been added to the upgraded version of the jacket. The warranty is good (2-years), but you need to take care of many things if you want to claim that. You should not use the item by any means if there is any factory damage or non-working part on the jacket. Also, if multiple users wear the coat, then also you can claim the warranty. You will even do not get a blanket warranty as the jacket may be used roughly on daily commutes and motorcycling.

Also Great: NOORA Slim Fit Jacket

Since many years, Noora International designing and manufacturing jackets that have personified the industry terms. It is slowly but steadily getting popularity among the Indian and foreign consumers. This leather slim fit jacket from the company is another creative product that meets the variety of customer needs.

When you are looking for a top brand that fulfills its promises and meets with user demands, you will see the name of Noora International at that place. The company provides fantastic services for great products. That is the main reason for the growing customer database and satisfactory reviews of the company. This slim fit jacket for men is made with 100% pure leather to be another testimony of the company. It is one of the most excellent products you will find in the market for the bikers.

The smooth lambskin leather is excellent in the looks and is the ideal option for the nightclubs, evening gatherings, bars, clubs, cocktail, etc. If you are a daily bike commuter or going on long trips across the states, then you will love to keep this jacket on your body. Its warmth and comfortable wearing make it ideal for the winter seasons. It is available in different sizes. In most cases, it fits perfectly as per the regular size of the user. You can even contact the company to customize the size of the jacket at the time of ordering. I found their customer handling service is prompt and excellent. The cost of the coat is a little bit high, but if you buy it from online stores like Amazon or Flipkart, then you will get a good discount and can get it at the budget price.

Whether you are planning a casual trip across the city or going for a long-distance journey from one state to another, this jacket will make you look good and feel comfortable in all conditions. It has a highwayman zip fastening and waist adjustments which provides more comfort to you. It also contains zippered pockets, cuffs, moto collar, and 2-tone sleeve stripes. The lightweight material of the jacket makes it easy to wear on/off and move around. If you want a top-quality motorcycle jacket for winter seasons and daily commutes, then I recommend trying this Noora slim fit leather jacket.

Flaws but not the dealbreakers

When I got my jacket, I felt that the sleeves at the wrist are a bit broad than expected. Also, there is no mentioning whether the jacket is suitable for wearing in rainy seasons or not. But, I think it will not protect against rain as it does not come with a detachable rain liner.

Also great polyester mesh outfit: Rynox Air GT Jacket

If you are planning a country-wide road trip on your motorbike, then you should get the right gear while making the preparations. The Rynox Air GT Mesh Jacket will provide the guard on your upper body in different climates like the intense heat of the Rajasthan deserts, the heavy rains in the Meghalaya, and the freezy atmosphere of the Himalayas. It will protect against such weather conditions as well as unexpected situations like hidden potholes, roaming animals on the road, dust, debris, and other things to provide a comfortable & safe journey.

Those were summer days when I ordered this jacket from the website. Due to the temperature, I was not wearing it on my daily commutes. The days on which I was wearing it, I felt that I would die from the overheating in my upper body. But, to my surprise, this polyester mesh jacket provided a comfortable and relaxed ride every time I used it. Its detachable inner layer is smooth to the body and can move in the outfit without any resistance.

The lightweight design of the jacket makes it extremely portable and convenient to wear in any condition anywhere. I have a slim body, so when I received the coat, it looked like a bit bulky on me. When I adjusted the waist straps and other snaps, I felt more comfortable with it. It is also featured with a dual detachable liner for resisting against multi-climate changes. That allows you to adjust the jacket according to your comfort. For example, if the temperature is extreme, you can remove the insulator, and if it is raining, then you can add the waterproof liner on the jacket. The CE approved level-1 armors will protect you in sudden falls as they are passed in the tests of 18KN force. You can even remove them while washing the jacket which is a bonus.

The military grade heavy-duty mesh/polyester frame will make the jacket being lightweight while resisting against heavy beating. At the front and back of the jacket, there are reflective strips that will make it visible in dark conditions.  It has four pockets with Velcro and zippers to help you keep your cell phones, Mp3 player, and other valuables.

This Rynox Air GT jacket is perfect for the riders who want a safe, comfortable, and stylish gear for their touring needs.

Flaws but not the dealbreakers

It has only one waterproof pocket which can be ideally should be two at least. Also, the pocket to keep mobile is a little small in size, and that’s why I keep my phone in the MP3 pocket to keep it waterproof and using the headphone through it for voice calls. The removable armors are a little bit hard to detach, and you need to take care while stretching the fabric as I didn’t feel it much strong.

Then what about Gore-Tex?

In 1969, Wilbert L. Gore and his son, Robert W. Gore invented the first breathable waterproof fabric membrane registered as Gore-Tex. After its discovery, the outfit gradually gained popularity among the users. But, with other brands manufacturing top-class gears with in-house technology, it is facing fierce competition.

As Stephen Regenold from Gear Junkie stated, “There are certainly other technologies now that can match Gore-Tex for being waterproof, including eVent, Polartec’s Neoshell, and Dry.Q from Mountain Hardware.”

“You shouldn’t put Gore-Tex on some pedestal,” he added in an Interview. Many of the new technologies cost less than Gore-Tex and provides similar or exact functionality like it.

Maintenance and Care

Ok, you got the best riding jacket available in your budget and your region, but you should keep in mind that even the best products need proper care to provide efficient operation for a long duration. When you wear the jacket for the first time, it gives a confident feeling. And to maintain that confidence and invincibility, you should keep it properly.

The motorcycle jacket is made with tough & resistive material. The leather gives an elegant look and style to the gear. But, when a leather which is also sometimes to be called similar to natural skin, it can become brittle if it is too dry or can become soft and water-logged if it is too wet. So, while washing the jacket or cleaning it, you need to make sure that you are using the right product.

  1. Frequently lubricate the zippers to make them work smoothly and don’t stick.
  2. You can use baby wipes too for removing the grime from the jacket without causing any harm to the leather.
  3. You can even use a leather shampoo to remove dirt or discoloration.
  4. Apply the shampoo using a rug on different parts like elbows, chest, etc. on the jacket.
  5. Apply the conditioner once every two or three months on the coat as it will repel the dirt and sweat efficiently.

We attended a seminar last week on ‘Durable Water Repellent.’ The expert speaker who was a leading manufacturer of the DWR technology asked not to coat the DWR as a solid layer, but create a bare touch. It will cause the roll of a liquid by forming surface tension. If you want to know the best method to clean your riding jacket, then it is advisable to check the instructions on the manufacturer website for the particular gear you have bought.

The competition

1. Venom Motorcycle Riding Jacket:

Venom Motorcycle Riding Jacket

This all-weather jacket was tested by our team of pro riders in different climate conditions. It performed well, but the zippers were of poor quality. It has good support on shoulders, elbows, and back. But without a thermal or rain liner, it becomes uncomfortable for wearing. It comes with two external pockets and one internal pocket.

The size has some issues as if you order M size according to your regular fit; then you may get the L size like the outfit. So, I advise you to order one dimension less than your proper fitting. The company provides a one-year warranty on this product, and the price is also reasonable which attracts the daily commuters in the country.

2. Royal Enfield JKA15R005 Jacket:

Royal Enfield JKA15R005 Jacket

The globally famous brand Royal Enfield offers this special edition Jaisalmer jacket for the Indian riders. It is available in different sizes. The price is around ₹ 6,500 which is budget-friendly. Other features include reflective 3M panels on chest and back, a cushioned collar for comfort, adjustment tabs at the waist, forearms, cuffs, biceps, three pockets (two outside, one inside), CE approved armors, and washable fabric. However, it does not coming with the thermal or rain liner which does not make it an all weather product.


Another famous company, Biking Brotherhood provides a waterproof jacket for the daily commuters and long-duration riders. It also comes under the price range of ₹ 6,500 with a wide range of size options. The mesh panels on the front and back allow an efficient airflow for a comfortable ride. It comes with adjustable straps at hips and tabs at upper arms, collar, and cuffs. At the front and back side of the jacket, there is a 3M reflective piping to make it visible in the dark conditions. You can make it a one-piece suit as it comes with a connection zip to attach it with the trouser. It comes with FOUR WATERPROOF pockets (two external, two internal) which are unique in the price range. It also comes with thermal and rain liners to provide superior comfort. Some users complain about the unavailability of the outer waterproof liner and the lack of ventilation support in the outfit. So, better to check while ordering and keep the warranty card with you.

4. Leather Retail Wolverine Faux Leather Jacket:

Leather Retail Wolverine Faux Leather Jacket

The Faux Leather jacket from Leather Retail will give a stylish look along with comfortable wear whenever you use it. Whether you are tracking or riding, this jacket can be an ideal choice for an outfit selection. It has a premium stitching throughout the coat making it more sturdy and reliable. Though I haven’t tested it yet in the monsoon, it worked perfectly in the winter conditions. It has inside pockets with zippers, stylish red strips on the sides, and lightweight fabric which makes it comfortable and attractive at the same time. The best selling point of this pro jacket is its price. If you are looking for a specialized winter jacket at a price under ₹ 3,000, then I advise going for this Leather Retail outfit.

5. KTM Racing Riding Jacket:

KTM Racing Riding Jacket

This orange KTM jacket from KT is the best choice for the KTM riders. It comes with dual detachable multi-weather liners as well as removable armors to allow you to fix them as per your needs and the outside environment. The thermal coating will provide the required warmth in the cold conditions. It is available in only three sizes medium, large, and extra-large. So, better to check the size while ordering.

6. Zeus Airdrift SP-X Biker Jacket:

Zeus Airdrift SP-X Biker Jacket

The heavy-duty air mesh / polytex fabric all weather jacket from Zeus is a top-quality outfit for the different terrain conditions in India. Few of its most selling features are moisture free neoprene collar with button lock, TPU sliders on the shoulders, 3M reflective panels on front, arms and back, removable TAFETA waterproof layer, full-length sleeves, and YKK Zippers with one year warranty. The only concern is the price which is nearly ₹ 10,000. Many people will not be attracted due to the cost, but if you really want a best-quality riding outfit in the Indian climate conditions, then you should go for this product.

What to look forward to

I have a few other riding jackets which I still need to test in different terrain conditions of India. After I check them in daily commutes as well as cross-state rides, I will update this list of the pro riding jackets in India. So, stay with the site to get the updates. Happy Journey!

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